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Rajasthani Food
The city of Jaipur makes up an ideal tourist destination in India. The place is provided with a great lot of amusement and entertainment. In Jaipur there are superb forts, palaces, parks and gardens, museums, markets and more than that there is food - great food.

The maharajas of Jaipur are believed to be great food lovers and for that reason the royal chefs were employed. The chefs were quite skilled and used to prepare dishes the knowledge of which was passed only to those who were next in line. Some of these recipes have been preserved and are served in branded hotels. But that’s not the entire thing. The royal dishes are as much relishing as the rest of Rajasthani recipes served all over. The popular Rajasthani food consists of dal, bati and churma. The non vegetarian dishes include red meat, hot spiced dish annd white meat garnished with cashew nuts and coconut. Various breads like bati, lachhedar paratha and bessan ki missipuri are equally popular. The sweet dishes served in Jaipur are malpuas, dil jani, ladoos and ghevar.

The important restaurants in the region include Hotel Choki Dhani, Surya Mahal Restaurant, The Royal Fast Food, The Temptations and Shivir Restaurant. Most of these restaurants are in the city premises and are available upto 11.00 p.m. There are many fast food restaurants in addition to the already mentioned ones. The names of these fast food restaurants goes as Fresh Flavours, Garden Cafe, Hotel Breads, Pizza Hut and Wimpy.

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